Cancellation of 2021 National Annual Show

No doubt many of you would have seen or heard about the Prime Ministers statement on Monday evening (14th June) resulting in the postponement of the full lifting of remaining Coronavirus lockdown measures to 19thJuly.

We have always stated that for us to manage a show efficiently and effectively the remining Covid restrictions would need to be lifted in line with the original government roadmap. This is indeed the reason why we put our show date back a week once the roadmap was announced back in February.

Unfortunately, the change of date announced on Monday means that the organisation of the revised National Show, in the designated hall, would be monumentally complex within the current remit of Covid regulations. This includes limitations on numbers, available facilities and movements, along with huge administrative and physical overheads for PAGS volunteers. The committee have therefore concluded that we have no choice but to cancel the show for 2021.

We know that this will be very disappointing news for a many of our members.

We will now though be undertaking a virtual show and details of this will be announced over the coming days. As a heads up the management of it will be slightly different to last year. So please await the next Newsletter and details will also be posted on the website. 

David Taylor

PAGS Show Secretary   

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